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  • Sophie McHugh
    "To have financial support for this subject allows me to continue to invest the majority of my time into my studies, which are of great importance to me. This will be my first opportunity to study overseas and I know that studying in Venice will be enriching both academically and culturally."
    - Sophie McHugh
  • "In addition to the financial support offered by the Cbus Super Mavis Robertson Scholarship, I was able to gain first-hand experience through an internship. Interning at Cbus – one of Australia’s largest industry super funds – was an invaluable experience. It not only gave me an insight into the inner workings of a super fund and how they operate, invest and strategise in a way that maximises outcomes for members, but it also allowed me to apply the knowledge I’d gained in my studies and provided me with clarity as to the direction I’d like my career to take and for my wider professional aspirations. Over eight weeks I rotated through different teams within the Investments division, such as Equity Portfolio Construction, Risk and Compliance, and Strategy and Innovation. I found myself in an incredibly supportive culture, where I was lucky enough to work alongside passionate professionals who were eager to share their expertise to help me build my skills and knowledge of investment management. The Cbus Super Mavis Robertson Scholarship has been paramount in supporting my professional development and university studies, while connecting me to a dynamic, high-impact industry."
    - Ruby Sakarintr
    Ruby Sakarintr
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