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  • Billy Griffiths
    "It is an honour to awarded the 2019 Ernest Scott Prize for Deep Time Dreaming. This year’s shortlisted books display the richness, depth and diversity of histories about Australia and New Zealand. They also mark a growing awareness of, and respect for, First Nations peoples’ knowledge, histories and cultural expression. When we talk about the past 231 years of Australian history, we do so in the context of over 60,000 years of human experience on this continent. My book is about coming to terms with that deeper story."
    - Billy Griffiths
  • "Volkswagen Foundation funding enabled my colleagues and me to develop fundamental new insights into the generation of patterns in biology (e.g. stripes and spot patterns on animals, or the development of digits and vertebrae in humans). I received funding through Volkswagen’s “Life?” initiative, and the review process was rigorous and typically involved a short outline application followed by a thorough sifting process (in our case 420 applications were reduced to 22 bids that were invited for full applications, of which 10 were funded). Applications, even at the full application stage, are much shorter than Australian researchers might be used to, and the interview, whilst robust and rigorous, was a stimulating affair as it was conducted by world-class and highly experienced domain experts and focused on the scientific and intellectual content of the proposal."
    Read Prof. Michael Stumpf's story
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