Westpac Scholars

Westpac scholars are challenged to set new benchmarks in innovation, research and social change.

The Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship is awarded to two exceptional individuals per year to support postgraduate study at the University of Melbourne.

  • PhD students may also receive the RTP scholarship in addition to the Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship, providing value of over $200,000 collectively.
  • Funding requests for the purpose of medical research as defined in the ARC Medical Research Policy available on the Australian Research Council website will not be considered; MD, juris doctor programs or equivalent are also excluded.
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Meet the next generation of problem-solvers making an impact in Australian communities

2022 WFLS Caitlyn Georgeson

I am an Australian lawyer with a special interest in human rights and international law. My research considers the interaction between international humanitarian law and international human rights law. I am particularly interested in how the law of war applies to new and emerging technologies such as space weapons, cyber weapons, and drones, and how we can ensure that human rights are respected and protected during wartime.

Caitlyn Georgeson, Public and International Law, WFLS 2022

2022 WFLS Nick Parkinson

I’m focusing on teaching English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) through my Masters. This passion was sparked through my work in schools and with the Adult Migrant English Language Program. Those experiences exposed me to the systemic barriers EAL/D learners face in and beyond their schooling. Indeed, fewer than half of the 300,000 EAL/D learners in our schools get the specialist support they require. I believe this can be otherwise, and through teaching will advocate for a more just education system.

Nick Parkinson, Education, WFLS 2022

2022 WFLS Matt Wilkinson-Stokes

I am a paramedic and medical researcher. My greatest achievement in life so far is that I was part of a team that successfully resuscitated a rural one-year-old boy who was in arrest after drowning. Feeling his little heart start beating again under my hands was incredible. My PhD research focuses on designing better emergency and primary care medical systems – we hope to both reduce the burden on emergency departments while simultaneously getting patients the right care, faster.

Matt Wilkinson-Stokes, Paramedicine, WFLS 2022

Amelia Goonerage

I have always sought to be an activist, manifesting both in my undergraduate (Politics & International Relations/German) and in my life outside university. After living overseas for six years, I am now home and hope to contribute to a better, fairer Australia, focusing on one of the greatest challenges for the progress of social justice: climate change.

Amelia Goonerage, Environmental Sciences, WFLS 2021

Jake Louthean

I am a proud Noongar man, educator, mentor and entrepreneur who’s passionate about eliminating the “gaps” between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. I hope to combine my background in indigenous education, finance and health & fitness to develop multi-levelled solutions to the complex social and cultural issues faced by Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders in today’s climate.

Jake Louthean, Studies in Human Society, WFLS 2021

Denzil Futado 2020

I am a biotechnology researcher, innovator and entrepreneur passionate about solving some of healthcare’s most profound and intractable challenges. My work lies at the interface between engineering and biology, and attempts to leverage insights from both disciplines to generate robust and scalable therapies that are truly transformative for patients.

Denzil Furtado, Chemical Engineering, WFLS 2020

Leesa Chen 2019 Westpac Future Leaders

My undergraduate studies took me across China and India. The opportunity to see the world through multiple lenses cultivated a strong interest in international business. In pursuit of international business, I quickly found myself deep in the Australian dairy industry and living in regional Australia. For me, bringing diversity into Australian agriculture and regional and rural communities in which it operates in, is where I believe I can make a difference.

Leesa Chen, International Business, WSFL 2019

Adrienne Koor 2019 Westpac Future Leaders

I aim to make a lasting, disproportionate difference to others through innovative and disruptive technologies. In particular, I am passionate about the wider applications of drone, autonomous systems and robotic integration technologies to improve wider living standards for all Australians.

Adrienne Koor, Engineering, WSFL 2019

Sarah Priestley

I'm an aspiring primary school teacher with a strong interest in STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I'm a passionate advocate for equity in education and would like to be a part of greater reform to ensure that all young Australians have the same educational opportunities to reach their personal and academic potential.

Sarah Priestly, Education, WSFL 2019

Ashley Vines Westpac Future Leaders

I have worked in Agriculture, Construction, Disability Care, Indigenous Affairs and the Not-for-Profit Sector. These grassroots experiences have led me to understand the enabling and inhibiting impacts that policies can have upon Australians, facilitating my desire to work at a macro policy-making level.

Ashley Vines, Public Policy, WSFL 2019

Katherine Aldred 2018 Westpac Future Leaders

I am passionate about equipping the next generation of Australian students with the skills they need to thrive in globalised workplaces by using digital technologies to foster understanding, dialogue and collaboration between Australian students and their peers in Asia.

Katherine Aldred, International Education, WSFL 2018

Maxim Mattvey 2018 Westpac Future Leaders

My life is devoted to creating disproportional positive impact on a regional, and global scale, to ultimately aid those who lack basic opportunities and support. I am in pursuit of culminating business and technology acumen in a world of many problems and solutions, that are perhaps not tackled in the most impactful order.

Maxim Mattvey, Information Technology, WSFL 2018

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