CM Hurburgh Graduate Dentistry Scholarship at Queen's College

This scholarship supports a Graduate Dentistry student or a Graduate Health Science student, with college fee remission of $2855 at Queen's College. The scholarship has been made possible by the family of Dr Clifton M Hurburgh, a resident student of Queen's College when he studied Dental Science.

Applications open

21 Aug 2020

Last day for applications

10 Jan 2021
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Application type

Application required
How to apply

Benefit type

College fee remission
Full benefit details

Citizenship requirements

Australian / domestic student
International student

Total value

up to $2,855

Applicable study areas

Medicine, dentistry, health and welfare

Number of scholarships awarded


  • Eligibility & selection criteria


    To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to:

    • be accepted as a resident at Queen's College
    • be a full-time graduate Dentistry student or graduate Health Science student at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science

    Selection criteria

    Eligible applicants are assessed on academic merit and an interview process. Preference is given to Dentistry students.

  • Application process
    1. Submit an online application, including
      • Three (3) recent passport photos
      • Registration fee of $75
      • A copy of your Academic Transcript
      • Privacy Declaration form
    2. Complete an online resume
      • The Online Resume gives Queen's College an idea of your achievements and experiences and is used as the basis for your interview. This is where you will indicate which scholarships you would like to apply for.
    3. Arrange for two referees
      • After completing the online resume you will be emailed with instructions in order to complete your academic and personal references. These forms must be completed before your interview.
    4. Organise an interview at Queen's College
      • We consider an interview with you as an important part of the application process. For this purpose you are invited to come and visit the College for an interview, normally with the Dean of Studies, or the Dean of Wellbeing, or the Master. These interviews will be conducted during business hours between 9.00am and 5.00pm. Although a face-to-face interview is highly preferable, there may be instances where this is not practical for overseas students, and in such cases, a Skype video interview may be conducted.
      • In either case, your interview will cover:
        • What your aspirations are for life and study
        • Why you think it would be great to live at Queen’s College while studying at University
        • What you think the College can do for you
        • What you think you can do for the College

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  • When will I know the outcome?

    Scholarship is offered at the same time as the offer of residency, typically in December, and occasionally in January.

What are the benefits?

$2,855 equally divided as a reduction off fees for both semesters in the same calendar year.

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