Graduate Research in Arts Travel Scheme (GRATS)

GRATS provides Faculty of Arts Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Masters by Research (MA) graduate researchers with assistance towards undertaking research-related activities that will enhance their thesis.

Applications open

1 Jan 2023

Last day for applications

31 Dec 2023
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Application type

Application required
How to apply

Benefit type

Single payment
Full benefit details

Citizenship requirements

Australian / domestic student
International student

Total value

up to $2,000

Applicable study areas

Historical, philosophical, political and social studies; Language, literature and cultural studies

Number of scholarships awarded

Approximately 100 per year

  • Eligibility & selection criteria


    To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

    • be a graduate researcher enrolled in the Faculty of Arts,
      • PhD graduate researcher must not have completed more than 3.5 years FTE at the time of travel
      • MA graduate researcher must not have completed more than 18 Months FTE at the time of travel
    • be post-confirmation,
    • have School support of $250 towards the budget (your School Funding will be the source of this contribution),
    • have submitted a report for any previous GRATS fund received, and
    • be able to demonstrate that you have met all relevant University policy requirements relating to your research (such as compliance with the University's code of conduct for research and student travel policy):

    Selection criteria

    You are required to provide the following information in your online application:

    • A description of your trip, demonstrating how your proposed travel will add value to your thesis,
    • A detailed itinerary of your proposed travel (including timeline, places you will be visiting and activities at each place including a list of the formal contacts/ arrangement you have established or are establishing),
    • A budget for the planned travel in Australian Dollars (AUD),
    • Budget must be itemised in detail,
    • Evidence of sources of quotations budgeted items (ie. air and rail fares, accommodation and conference fees, etc.),
    • Confirmation of arrangements of your research activities (ie. evidence that your conference paper has been accepted for presentation, confirmation of interviews being undertaken, access to archives or libraries being visited), and
    • A letter from your principal supervisor outlining:
      • How the travel is academically justifiable to your thesis
      • That your budget costs are reasonable

    Note: when planning to utilise the GRATS funding, you are also applying for School Funding. You are required to contribute a designated amount ($250) of your school funding. A separate application for your School Funding contribution is not required.


    • Funds must be spent within the year (12-month period) that they are awarded.
    • Successful applicants who are unable to take up an award should inform the Graduate Research Office as soon as possible after receiving notification of the award.
    • Successful applicants who need to change their dates of travel must advise the Graduate Research Office and submit a new Study Away form for the new period prior to travel commencement.
    • Jointly enrolled graduate researchers in another Faculty with co-supervision in Arts may be eligible to receive pro-rata funding.
    • Graduate researchers travelling under this scheme are required to submit a report. Reports are due by the 1 March in the year following their trip. Guidelines on drafting such reports are available on the research grant reporting requirements web page. Applicants with outstanding reports will not be eligible to apply for GRATS again until the report is submitted.
    • Requested or outstanding documentation must be supplied within one month from the closing date of applications, otherwise the award will lapse.


    Budgets are expected to be prudent and economical and budget items may be funded at lower levels than the requested amount.

    • Activities usually supported:
      • Travel overseas or interstate to access otherwise unobtainable source material, including:
        • Interviews
        • Data collection
        • Archives or library resources
        • Short-term fieldwork (less than 3 months)
      • Travel overseas or within Australia to present at a conference
    • Activities not supported:
      • Travel to attend a training course or workshop
  • Application process

    There are four rounds of application per year. The 2023 deadlines are:

    • Round 1: 31 January – for conference or research trips during March to May of the current year
    • Round 2: 30 April – for conference or research trips during June to August of the current year
    • Round 3: 31 July – for conference or research trips during September to November of the current year
    • Round 4: 31 October – for conference or research trips during December of the current year through to February of the following year

    Out-of-round applications will not be considered, but may be accepted retrospectively and assessed as such during the following round of applications. Retrospective applications must include all supporting documents.

    To apply for this grant, please submit the form below:

    Submit a scholarship application now

What are the benefits?

IMPORTANT NOTE: In response to COVID-19 restrictions, the Faculty is introducing flexibility around funding eligibility to allow candidates who were eligible for GRATS at the time the travel ban came into effect (25 March 2020) to have the opportunity to apply for GRATS to undertake enrichment activities between the 3.5 to 4 year point of their candidature. You must be a currently enrolled graduate researcher (i.e. not under examination) during the approved study away period and able to demonstrate ability to achieve timely submission.

The Graduate Research in Arts Travel Scheme (GRATS) provides Faculty of Arts graduate researchers with assistance towards undertaking research-related activities that will enhance their thesis.

Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting an application. You should determine whether to use GRATS funding for conference attendance, essential research or enhancement. When applying to the scheme, you should give consideration to travel that may be required later in your candidature. It is recommended that you discuss your plans with your supervisor before applying.


The maximum combined allowance over the duration of the candidature (whether in one long trip, or several repeat trips) is:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – $2,000: the amount eligible as part of the scheme differs depending on your research activity. You can apply as many times as it takes to reach the maximum combined allowance of $2,000.
    • $1500 for international conference or research
    • $2000 for international conference and research
    • $600 for national conference or research
    • $850 for national conference and research
  • Master by Research (MA) – $750

Schools are required to contribute a minimum of $250 of the total budget. Your School Funding will be the source of this contribution. A separate application for your School Funding contribution is not required.

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