Association of Women on Campus at the University of Melbourne Prize

One annual award to the highest ranked student in a nominated Gender Studies subject.

Application type

No application is required. You will be automatically considered for this award.

Benefit type

Single payment
Full benefit details

Citizenship requirements

Australian / domestic student
International student

Total value

up to $1,000

Applicable study areas

Historical, philosophical, political and social studies; Language, literature and cultural studies

Number of scholarships awarded


  • Danyelle Bailey
    "Aboriginal Women and Coloniality’ was an exceptional subject led by the knowledgeable and passionate course coordinator Di Sandars. The subject explored my interest of history and power within the public place and landscape, through championing black women and role models. I’ve began to understand how Aboriginal women as artists, musicians, writers and political figures are transcending colonial power structures to continue to shape the places around us within contemporary Australia. Thank you for your generosity and support of the subject. I had an incredibly fun, often confronting but always thought-provoking experience."
    - Danyelle Bailey
  • Eligibility & selection criteria


    To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

    • have completed the nominated subject, which is nominated each year by the Association of Women on Campus at the University of Melbourne (AWCUM) and is one that aligns with the aims and objectives of AWCUM. For more information see their website

    Selection criteria

    • a second year gender studies subject
    • the student does not have to be in the second year of their degree
    • the award goes to the person who receives the highest mark in a subject nominated by AWCUM
  • Application process

    There is no application process. The prize is awarded based on merit and the successful recipient will be notified via email.

  • When will I know the outcome?

    The award will be announced as soon as practical after the release of the end of year final results.

  • About the donor


    The Association of Women on Campus at the University of Melbourne's principle aim is to promote and maintain a strong support network for all women employed by the University of Melbourne – both academic and professional staff. Their aim is to:

    • Encourage friendship and generate a strong network for women at all levels at the University
    • Provide a platform for women's issues in the workplace and its changing environment
    • Provide high quality seminars and workshops to improve and enhance professional skills
    • Support the activities of the Fairness and Diversity Unit and the Affirmative Action Program at the University

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