Faculty of Arts Internship Grants

The Faculty of Arts offers a limited number of internship grants to graduate coursework students in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GSHSS) and undergraduate students completing the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts (Extended). Applications are accepted all year round and are assessed three times annually. Up to $1000 is awarded for regional or interstate internships and up to $2000 is awarded for overseas internships.

Applications open

1 Jan 2024

Last day for applications

31 Dec 2024
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Application type

Application required
How to apply

Benefit type

Single payment
Full benefit details

Citizenship requirements

Australian / domestic student
International student

Total value

$1,000 - $2,000

Applicable study areas

All study areas

Number of scholarships awarded

At least 1

  • Eligibility & selection criteria


    To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

    • make sure that the internship is an approved component of the relevant program and is credit bearing, and takes place in a regional, interstate or overseas location
    • provide a copy of the Professional Placement Agreement which demonstrates that the placement has been approved by both the host organisation and the relevant Program Coordinator and/or Internship Coordinator
    • have met the eligibility requirements for the internship subject available in the degree for which the student is seeking credit at the time of application
    • provide a copy of the receipts for paid economy flights to and from the internship destination (or equivalent overland transportation to and from the destination) and paid accommodation at the internship destination for the duration of the internship

    Please note: placements completed as part of the subject Community Volunteering - Global (MULT20014 and MULT30021) are not eligible for this grant

    Selection criteria

    • at a minimum, successful applicants will have achieved an overall weighted average of at least 70% in their current degree program
  • Application process

    You may apply once you are enrolled in the internship subject and are able to provide the following documents, which must be attached to your application. Incomplete applications will be declined and/or unassessed:

    • A scanned copy of your Vocational Placement Letter Agreement (VPLA) with the overseas or interstate internship host organisation, detailing the exact dates and contact hours of the confirmed placement
    • Paid receipts for economy fare return flights or equivalent overland transport fares to and from the internship destination specified in the Professional Placement Agreement supplied. Where travel to and from an internship destination is framed by personal travel, only a percentage of travel costs will be considered associated with the internship. Please do not submit receipts for everyday travel undertaken during the course of the internship
    • Paid receipts for accommodation costs associated with the duration of the internship. Costs for accommodation outside of the timeframe of the internship specified in the Professional Placement Agreement will not be considered associated with the internship

    Only applications containing the aforementioned documentation will be considered. Applications are evaluated three times a year. Applications must be submitted by the following deadlines:

    Round 1 application deadline: 31 March 2024 (11.59 pm)
    Round 2 application deadline: 31 July 2024 (11.59 pm)
    Round 3 application deadline: 30 November 2024 (11.59 pm)

    No late applications will be accepted for consideration until the next round. Retrospective applications will be accepted, for travel occurring no more than twelve months prior to the application deadline.

    • Application is via the online form
    • You must complete all sections of the form
    • You must submit all requested documents
    • The internship must be for credit towards a Faculty of Arts subject in which you are or were enrolled


    1. The Internship Grant scheme accepts applications from students in the Faculty of Arts and Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences who have secured a regional, interstate or international internship. A limited amount of one-off entitlements for one of the following travel options are available:
      • International travel - Up to a maximum of $2,000
      • Interstate travel* - Up to a maximum of $1,000
        *New Zealand is considered interstate travel for the purposes of the scheme
      • Regional travel within Victoria* - Up to a maximum of $1,000
        *For the purposes of the scheme, regional travel is defined as being in an area that is NOT defined as a major city as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics Remoteness Area categorisation
    2. The committee's decision will be final
    3. Applicants are only eligible to receive the grant once
    4. Winning applicants please note: The University of Melbourne reserves the right to publish the name of the winning applicant on its websites and other University of Melbourne publications
    5. Applicants must have adequate funds, or means, to pay for all travel-related costs before and during the internship. Applicants must not rely on the Internship Grant as a primary or essential source of funding. Payments to recipients of the grant will be made once the internship has been completed and results for the subject have been certified and ratified
    6. No late applications will be accepted for consideration until the next round. Retrospective applications will be accepted, for overseas or interstate internships completed in the twelve months preceding application
    7. It is assumed that the relevant EHS and Risk Assessment forms have/will be managed via the Program's Internship Coordination
    8. Approval of travel will be contingent upon the current Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) advice in respect to level of safety of overseas destination, available at the Smart Traveller website. Applications for Special Circumstances approval will be referred to the Academic Registrar, who must be provided with documentation of the grounds for this special consideration

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  • When will I know the outcome?

    Please allow at least four working weeks from the deadline of each application round for formal notification of your outcome by email. At certain times in the academic year, and depending on the number of other grant/scholarship or course applications under consideration in the unit, this waiting period might be slightly longer.

What are the benefits?

Up to $1000 is awarded for regional or interstate internships and up to $2000 is awarded for overseas internships. The amount awarded will correspond to a percentage of the documented travel and accommodation costs. Successful Internship Grants are currently being awarded at the rate of 50% of documented costs only. The amount awarded will be confirmed at the time of awarding and determined by the committee according to the terms of the award. The Internship Grants are competitive as limited funding is available.


Email: arts-internships-info@unimelb.edu.au

The information listed here is subject to change without notice. Where we have listed information about jointly run scholarships programs, please also see our partners' websites. Information describing the number and value of scholarships awarded is indicative.