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  • "The scholarship has me hopeful about the future and meeting with the sponsors helps me feel connected to the faculty and university community. The financial support means I can spend more time on campus and focus on my studies."
    - Joseph Alkarra
  • "I've been able to spend my time focusing on university and being involved in the community. If I could give advice to future applicants: stay true to who you are, stepping out of your comfort zone is such an important step so let your personality and passions show."
    - Victoria McKenzie
  • Ruby Sakarintr
    "In addition to the financial support offered by the Cbus Super Mavis Robertson Scholarship, I was able to gain first-hand experience through an internship. Interning at Cbus – one of Australia’s largest industry super funds – was an invaluable experience. It not only gave me an insight into the inner workings of a super fund and how they operate, invest and strategise in a way that maximises outcomes for members, but it also allowed me to apply the knowledge I’d gained in my studies and provided me with clarity as to the direction I’d like my career to take and for my wider professional aspirations. Over eight weeks I rotated through different teams within the Investments division, such as Equity Portfolio Construction, Risk and Compliance, and Strategy and Innovation. I found myself in an incredibly supportive culture, where I was lucky enough to work alongside passionate professionals who were eager to share their expertise to help me build my skills and knowledge of investment management. The Cbus Super Mavis Robertson Scholarship has been paramount in supporting my professional development and university studies, while connecting me to a dynamic, high-impact industry."
    - Ruby Sakarintr
  • "Being the first in the family to leave for university was definitely a little nerve wracking for me – however, mostly exciting. I’ve known from a very young age that I wanted to go to university and move away from home. As much as I love the farm, I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to do forever. I was also really excited to live in Melbourne, as it was a completely new experience for me as I had only been part of a small-town community. Since attending university in Melbourne, I have developed so much as a person and really found who I am and what I want to do in my life. I’m sure I would not be the same person I am today without this amazing opportunity. This scholarship has made attending university possible for me. It has taken so much financial pressure off my parents and myself. It is so nice to have been able to lift some of the pressure off my shoulders so I can completely focus on my studies. This scholarship meant that I didn’t have to work as frequently during my degree and got to attend a college where I found all my friends, whom I could not be more grateful for. In the future, I hope to move overseas to do my masters or graduate work. I haven’t narrowed down the details just yet, but I know that I want to see more of the world while studying."
    - Claudia Cox
  • Angie Lu
    "I became highly invested in the Kerry Landman Scholarship in the hope it would gift me two types of freedom. Firstly, financially, so that I could commit wholly to achieving my highest potential in my studies. But secondly, personally, so I could prove to myself that what I've always wanted was possible and purposeful. The Kerry Landman Scholarship was my dream all neatly packaged and waiting at the MGSE."
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  • Rhiannon Simpson
    "As someone who grew up in a low-income household, the sheer amount of financial freedom the scholarship has provided is life changing. This is the first time in my life that I have been able to study without working full time concurrently, which has allowed me to solely focus on getting my academic pursuits to a higher standard."
    Read Rhiannon's story
  • "Our project ‘Glimpse of Hajj’ aims to facilitate community engagement with manuscripts of the Middle Eastern Collection of the University of Melbourne through digital technologies. As early-career academic conservators, we have been able to translate our research into tangible avenues for wider engagement, including the research and the production of a video on Muslim pilgrimage. The Willem Snoek Scholarship has provided opportunities to connect with the Muslim communities and has allowed us to share this significant and under utilised collection of manuscripts more widely."
    - Leila Alhagh and Sophie Lewincamp
  • Heather Berry
    "I believe that the field of maritime archaeology is ready to be jump started in Australia, and what a perfect way to do it - with a focus on Australian maritime archaeological conservation. This scholarship will allow me to undertake and focus on my studies to the fullest, without fear of distraction. I will be focussing this PhD on the conservation of degraded Australian waterlogged wood such as blue gum and banksia, which will not only provide some variation into the current maritime conservation sphere, which focuses primarily on oak and pine, but will also hopefully provide benefit to Australia beyond merely a maritime focus."
    - Heather Berry
  • Dominic Enter
    "I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne majoring in German and Psychology. I am learning German as Germany offers numerous master programs in Psych. With this in mind, if I became fluent in German I could potentially study over there in the future. It is also a really fun language to learn. I feel an exchange would benefit me in many ways. It would broaden my life experience, step me out of my comfort zone and provide so many rare opportunities that one could only experience on exchange."
    - Dominic Enter
  • "I am honoured to have received this scholarship from the University. It has not only been an immense financial help for my family, but it has also provided me with the ease of mind to pursue my Bachelor of Science to the best of my abilities. It truly means so much to me that I am following my passion at one of the most esteemed universities in the world on a scholarship."
    - Gautam Puri
  • "I am both honoured and grateful to receive the Asia Institute PhD Scholarship. I am a middle-aged father of three children, so the financial assistance this scholarship provides is a necessity in order for me to undertake full time studies. My utmost commitment to excellence, and contribution to society, would not be possible without the aid of this scholarship."
    - Murie Hassan
  • Janneke Koenen, Master of Teaching student
    "This scholarship has been crucial in enabling me, as a single parent, to continue my studies this year, as without it, I almost definitely would have had to work to cover our living and school expenses (for both myself and my kids) and therefore I would have had to reduce my study load significantly. Perhaps most importantly, however, this scholarship has given me peace of mind, lessening the burden of worry, and thus enabling me to fully commit to (and enjoy!) both my studies and my kids."
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  • Michelle Arrow
    "I was thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Ernest Scott Prize alongside three wonderful historians whose work I admire very much. I am honoured and delighted to have been chosen as the 2020 winner. This book had its genesis in my curiosity about the Royal Commission on Human Relationships, which was a ground-breaking inquiry into family and intimate life initiated by the Whitlam government. The Commission had been overlooked by historians to date (and forgotten by many who lived through the decade), but it offered a window onto the social change of the 1970s, and a new way to examine that history."
    - Michelle Arrow
  • Cristina Guarrella, Student, Doctor of Philosophy (Education)
    "Scholarship funding has also enabled me to present initial research findings from my PhD at national and international conferences. Exchanging ideas and receiving feedback on my work has allowed me to explore and apply new perspectives to my PhD research. It has also allowed me to establish myself within early childhood science education research networks."
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  • Sienna Ahn, Student, Master of Teaching
    "My advice would be, enjoy what you do and be involved with appropriate passion. In my case, it was being part of my community and actively looking out for those in need of care and support."
    Read Sienna's story
  • Anastasia Betts, Student, Master of Teaching
    "As a young person at university, the demands of my caring role meant that I greatly missed out on a fair few leadership and volunteering opportunities that I was passionate about. Now, and with the financial support of the Jennifer Duggan Leaper Scholarship, I can take advantage of these opportunities."
    Read Anastasia's story
  • Sin Sin Ooi, Student, Master of Teaching
    "I hope that I can go back to my home country, Malaysia, to teach after I graduate, and hopefully I will contribute useful ideas to Malaysian schools (especially government schools) with the knowledge and experiences I have gained from this program."
    Read Sin Sin's story
  • Jessica Berthelsen-Murray , Student, Master of Teaching
    "During my final years at Wonthaggi Secondary College our Literature teacher took us on a trip to partake in some classes at Melbourne University to assist with our final exams. I remember how much I loved the atmosphere and it was always a place at the back of my mind."
    Read Jessica's story
  • Josh Cubillo, Alumni, Master of Education
    "We need Indigenous students to keep taking up these opportunities to show there is still a need for the financial assistance as we endeavour to take up tertiary studies and improve the socio-economic status of Indigenous people in Australia."
    Read Josh's story
  • Emma Murnane, Student, Master of Education
    "I don’t just enjoy it, I love it. I love the networking opportunities. I love meeting like-minded people and I love how the program supports our wonderful education system through current research."
    Read Emma's story
  • Thomas Devlin
    "I am grateful to be able to receive this prize. I come from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background, so this scholarship will go a long way in assisting me through my honours year, and in further helping me realise my academic goals. As well as making my living expenses easier, it also provides some opportunities to go further with my research if needed. This opens up a lot of opportunities for me. Taking the major has definitely helped me to consider non-western academic perspectives, and also to see the world in a more complex manner."
    - Thomas Devlin
  • Danyelle Bailey
    "Aboriginal Women and Coloniality’ was an exceptional subject led by the knowledgeable and passionate course coordinator Di Sandars. The subject explored my interest of history and power within the public place and landscape, through championing black women and role models. I’ve began to understand how Aboriginal women as artists, musicians, writers and political figures are transcending colonial power structures to continue to shape the places around us within contemporary Australia. Thank you for your generosity and support of the subject. I had an incredibly fun, often confronting but always thought-provoking experience."
    - Danyelle Bailey
  • "I cannot speak highly enough of the Charlie Perkins Scholarship. It changed my life. There were so many benefits from doing my D.Phil. in Population Health at the University of Oxford. It was home to the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for the Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases, and I spent my days working with some of the brightest minds in the world in my field of study. I could tap into a global network of alumni, as well as the conveyor belt of amazing guest speakers visiting Oxford. Two-thirds of graduates were also from abroad, so I became more worldly, and I returned to Australia more ambitious with my personal goals. What’s more, it was just so amazing to be another student, an “Aussie” studying abroad, there on my own merit, without anyone second-guessing my worth because of my Aboriginality. In community, it can sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders with all the expectation – not to mention community politics – and it was just so nourishing for my mind and soul to study abroad with such an incredible group of people. The Charlie Perkins Scholarship is one of the best things to happen in Indigenous Australian education in the last decade."
    - Dr Kyle Turner
  • "Having been the first recipient of the Einstein Fellowship for interdisciplinary thinkers, I was encouraged by a committee member to apply for a post-doctoral position at the Princeton Society of Fellows. The fellowship was a comfortable way to get acquainted with the U.S. academic system, to which I had not previously been exposed. The colleagues I met during my time at Princeton have remained a constant source of inspiration for my work, and some became close friends."
    Read Dr Mischa Gabowitsch's story
  • "The AAUW’s International Fellowship enabled me to study a Master of Laws at Columbia University in New York. That degree was a springboard, helping me to secure work in law firms in New York and London where I was able to apply my studies in a practical context across a range of cases. Studying for the LLM in New York also instilled a love of learning, which led me to do a further Masters in Melbourne. All of that experience has helped me at the Bar, where I am able to “give back” through balancing pro bono work with other matters. I can’t stress the importance of the AAUW’s fellowship as a critical part of the foundation of my legal career."
    Read Rachel Amamoo's story

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