Student stories

  • Portrait photo of Kaih Mitchell
    "As part of my scholarship program I hope to further develop my understanding of Indonesia’s language and culture so that in future I may be able to work in Indonesia or to work as a translator. Personally, I hope to become more independent and to develop my interpersonal communication skills."
    - Kaih Mitchell
  • Portrait photo of Ewe Jin Tan
    "My scholarship helped me financially, and it also provided me with a network of friends. Receiving a scholarship drove me to reflect on how I can assist others who are less fortunate than me, in order to benefit individuals and society collectively."
    - Ewe Jin Tan
  • Portrait photo of Paris Mordecai
    "Providing scholarships such as this, getting Indigenous kids involved with business is so important. Without the scholarship I may never have considered it. Having that sort of encouragement is so valuable. I can’t wait to see where this takes me, I feel like the scholarship and the internship is just the beginning."
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  • Portrait photo of AJ Saiful Hilmi
    "My scholarships have helped me by providing all the essentials for my studies such as books and bus fares."
    - AJ Saiful Hilmi
  • Portrait photo of Laura Brown
    "Having the DELWP scholarship has made university more accessible. Studying the Bachelor of Design, there are a lot of materials and software that you have to buy, so having the extra financial support really goes a long way."
    - Laura Brown
  • Professor Lyn Yates
    "The scholarship allowed me to spend time in Bristol and London and encounter first hand some exciting new work and theories that were important influences on my later research."
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  • Portrait of Charlotte Holland
    "Receiving the Chancellor's Scholarship has given me a sense of security leading into university – I can pursue my academic goals and various interests without the added stress of finances and of an uncertain future hanging over my head. I am also very grateful for the added freedom to pursue a foreign exchange opportunity thanks to the contribution of the scholarship."
    - Charlotte Holland
  • Bachelor of Arts International Scholarship recipient Seunghee Lee
    "The Bachelor of Arts International Scholarship has given me a chance to be independent with my money. I haven’t had to rely on my parents because of the bursary, and have learned how to control how much money I spend through budgeting on a weekly and monthly basis."
    - Seunghee Lee
  • "I am very grateful for having had the opportunities and scholarships to do research during my time at university. This has provided me with the opportunity to work with the many talented and inspiring researchers at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Vanderbilt University in the United States and the Centre for Eye Research Australia."
    - Emma Chen
  • "The Rae and Edith Bennett Travelling Scholarship enabled me to undertake my PhD in modernist poetry at St John’s College, Cambridge. It was the beginning of a journey towards the publication of my book, T. S. Eliot and the Dynamic Imagination, and a career in academia."
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  • Justin Rousis
    "My trip to Trieste last year has benefited my academic development in many ways, allowing me to refine and develop my language skills. The immersive experience equipped me with an understanding of the Italian language and culture, which I have always wanted to achieve."
    - Justin Rousis
  • Caroline Chong
    "The opportunity to study in North America, aided by The Alma Hansen Scholarship, has widened my professional network, and consequently may enhance the chances of receiving a job or postdoctoral fellowship outside of Australia."
    - Caroline Chong
  • Cicily  Svikart
    "The Miltiades And Alkistis Chryssavgis Scholarship will help me to focus closely on my studies, without the stress of financial insecurity. I intend to succeed in the Arts and being awarded this gift has given me even more confidence to do so."
    - Cicily Svikart
  • Eda Gunaydin
    "This scholarship will provide me with vital financial relief while I work on completing my short story collection, as well as the opportunity to spend some time in Melbourne, which should enable me to conduct research highly pertinent to the manuscript. I sincerely appreciate the generosity of this fellowship and hope it can propel me to finally accomplishing this goal in the very near future."
    - Eda Gunaydin
  • Tessa Occhino
    "The new skills I have developed, and the experiences I have had at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection helped build my confidence in practicing museology. The wide range of roles I undertook at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection included interacting with the public, giving talks and tours, working with other museum professionals and teaching what I had learnt to new interns. The experience has helped make me a more well-rounded individual ready to work in a museum environment."
    - Tessa Occhino
  • Tu Quan Nguyen
    "My semester on exchange in Moscow has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I don’t think there is any way I could have learnt as much about Russian culture, history and language if I had not lived and studied in Moscow myself. Since completing the exchange, my Russian language skills have improved dramatically, and I will continue to work on achieving a higher proficiency. Russia has so much to offer foreign students."
    - Tu Quan Nguyen
  • Louise Olliff
    "I recently graduated from my doctorate and the article that I was awarded this prize for was the first peer-reviewed journal article that I ever submitted. It is the first of what I hope to be a number of written pieces that will disseminate the findings of my research into refugee diaspora humanitarianism. This Prize has given me encouragement to pursue this goal."
    - Louise Olliff
  • Lauren Kelly
    "This award reaffirms my commitment and passion for applied research that can lend support to the struggle of working people."
    - Lauren Kelly
  • Louise Cain
    "The Elizabeth and Nicholas Slezak Scholarship allowed me to engage with the fascinating material at the Bibliothèque du Film while using my French language skills in a practical context. The month I spent in Paris was integral to my research, as I would not have been able to access such niche resources at my home university. Overall, this scholarship enriched both my academic and personal creative pursuits and gave me the opportunity to not only live as a Parisian for a month, but to concentrate completely on my studies."
    - Louise Cain
  • Carla Mileo
    "With the support of the Emma Grollo Scholarship, I was able to realise my dream of studying in Italy and had an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience which has and will continue to impact me on a personal level and in my future career."
    - Carla Mileo
  • Eloise Grills
    "The fellowship has been pivotal in its career support, cementing my status as a writer and artist in 2018."
    - Eloise Grills
  • Susan Fealy
    "The Wesley Michel Wright Prize is very special to me because it has a long history. I feel humbled to be sharing this award with other poets whose work I have admired for many years. The prize money will give me some valuable free time to write and to read: it creates new learning and new possibilities. Thank you for this wonderful affirmation and for the opportunity to nurture my writing."
    - Susan Fealy
  • Phoebe Weston-Evans
    "This generous award is instrumental in creating meaningful and consequential links between Australia and France. I believe that spending a significant period within a French university environment as a postgraduate researcher is an invaluable means of becoming bi-cultural, as well as bilingual."
    - Phoebe Weston-Evans
  • Daniel Russo-Batterham
    "The impact of this scholarship on my research career will extend well beyond this single project. This visit to France will allow me to strengthen existing ties with French scholars and develop new contacts, fostering opportunities for international collaboration with the University of Melbourne."
    - Daniel Russo-Batterham
  • Kiara Lindsay
    "Aside from significant funding for this project, this scholarship also gave me a new sense of confidence. Since receiving the scholarship, I have gone on to be published in Rabbit Journal Issue 26, Marrickville Pause Issue 5 and Voiceworks’ upcoming Issue 113. I was also invited to take part in ACCA’s workshop Writing in the Expanded Field. Receiving the H.B. Higgins Scholarship was the push I needed to continue working as a poet."
    - Kiara Lindsay
  • Kellie Youngs
    "The Jessie Webb scholarship made my visit to Greece and access to the British School at Athens (BSA) possible. Making professional connections with scholars at BSA, and examining museum objects and archaeological sites, enhanced my research understandings leading to new avenues of investigation in my PhD project and created links for future collaborative research projects."
    - Kellie Youngs
  • Joel Deane
    "The people I met and places I saw in Ireland resonated deeply. During my trip I attended the Cork International Poetry Festival, participated in five poetry workshops, ran one poetry workshop, gave five poetry readings, met dozens of poets and writers, travelled more than 1700 miles, and found my ancestral home outside Lorrha, Tipperary. I will write at least one novel and several poems as a direct consequence of the Buckley prize."
    - Joel Deane
  • Julia Leigh
    "I'm incredibly grateful to receive this fellowship named in honour of the remarkable Peter Blazey. My great thanks to Tim Herbert and Clive Blazey for their generous championing of our literary culture. I look forward to spending time at the Australian Centre."
    - Julia Leigh
  • Jessica Ji
    "The scholarship provided me the funds to participate in extracurricular activities during my year-long exchange at Keio University. I was able to take a week-long trip to the south of Japan in the prefecture of Kyushu, a weekend trip to Kyoto and Nara and a weekend trip to Nikko, in the north of Tokyo. I was also able to experience different cultures within Japan and try the types of food found in different prefectures. I’m very grateful for the experiences that I’ve had thanks to the Keiko Hongo Japanese scholarship."
    - Jessica Ji
  • Julianne Bell
    "This trip had significant positive impact on my PhD research, my professional development and my personal growth. Not only have I gathered original data on an emerging field of research that has not been combined before, but I have also developed meaningful connections with leaders in the field."
    - Julianne Bell
  • Michael Francis
    "It is an honour to receive an award named after such an eminent historian. The prize will greatly assist my accommodation costs while undertaking vital archival research in Rome."
    - Michael Francis
  • "The financial assistance provided to me through this scholarship has enabled me to further pursue my studies in the Italian culture and language and has helped me to discover the many ways in which I will be able to apply the knowledge I have gained through these studies in the real world. Being awarded this scholarship is particularly meaningful to me, as I have strong family links to Italy."
    - Elise Di Giandomenico
  • "This scholarship had an enormous positive impact on my life. I was able to reduce my working hours during the rest of the semester, giving me more time to study. As a result of the extra time I was able to dedicate to my studies, my academic performance improved drastically. Most notably, I submitted my thesis – something that I truly believe would have been impossible to achieve without the assistance of the Arts 110 Scholarship. Your generosity has made it possible for me to continue my studies at honours level and achieve things I never thought possible. This experience has enriched my life today and opened up career and study pathways in my future."
    - Rebecca Vannapraseuth
  • "I am excited to be able to present my research to my peers at this crucial stage in my academic career. Without the support of The Eugenie La Gerche Scholarship, I would not have the opportunity to travel to present at international conferences and develop my networks"
    - Aneta Trajkoski
  • "The scholarship allowed me to embark on a 6-week research trip to the USA and the UK. It is an honour to conduct my research with the support of a scholarship that commemorates the memory of two exceptional women, Vera Crowther Jennings and her colleague Amy Gaye Cowper Tennent who, as female trailblazers in the academy, paved the way for future female scholars like myself."
    - Emily Direen
  • Merridee Bailey
    "At a time when the humanities seems under threat it is reassuring to know that scholarly work is valued and its importance is recognised. The generosity of S. Ernest Sprott in helping Australian scholars immerse themselves in the literature of early modern England is a rare gift and one I am deeply appreciative of."
    - Merridee Bailey
  • "The Margaret Cohan Research Scholarship helped my PhD research progress by enabling me to broaden my skills and exposing me to networking opportunities. The scholarship has enabled me to build research skills that are essential for my progress and development as a researcher."
    - Priscilla Savopoulos
  • "This scholarship gave me the opportunity to travel to Darwin and Canberra to examine and copy archival material that has allowed my project to develop in ways that would otherwise not have been possible. The information and knowledge I now have as a result of this visit has shaped the overall structure of my thesis to deliver a richer and more dynamic exploration of Indigenous education in the 1960s."
    - Beth Marsden
  • Gemma Hannan
    "The scholarship was a great boost of confidence going into my final year of Arts, majoring in English and Theatre studies. Shakespeare’s works still hold an astounding ability to channel the socio-political climates in which they are performed, and to challenge an audience’s sense of independent self and collective identity. I hope I can continue to pursue this line of investigation around the role of Shakespeare in National Theatres, looking into other plays and adaptations."
    - Gemma Hannan
  • "Thank you very much for your consideration and endorsement of my paper, 'Turks, Moors, Deys and Kingdoms: North African Diversity in English Periodical News before 1700'. This prize will be a great help in assisting the funding of my future research, including a trip to London, Canterbury and Glasgow in June 2019 to attend two conferences and undertake vital archival research."
    - Nathaniel Cutter
  • Claire Capel-Stanley
    "For me, journalism is about connecting people and listening to their stories. This scholarship is so important for journalism to thrive, and I am so grateful and proud to be one of its recipients."
    - Claire Capel-Stanley
  • Duncan Caillard
    "From August to December 2018, I worked as a programming intern at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF). As one of the peak US film festivals concentrating on cinema from the Asia Pacific region, HIFF provided an excellent space for me to grow in my knowledge and understanding of the industry while making significant connections relevant to my career in the future."
    - Duncan Caillard
  • Oliver Walsh
    "The weight off my shoulders this scholarship gives is immense, particularly as I come closer to the end of my degree. By worrying less about finances on a daily basis, the Gwenda Ford English Literature Scholarship will truly help by giving me the time, stability and confidence I need to strive towards making work I'm proud of."
    - Oliver Walsh
  • Amelia Winata
    "The scholarship will honestly make an enormously positive contribution to my studies. Fieldwork is essential to my PhD and the money rewarded relieves the anxiety around whether or not I would be able to afford the travel. I understand Miranda Jane Hughes came from Geelong. I was born and grew up in Geelong, so I feel like this is a really nice coincidence! It's great that her legacy is helping female academics and I hope the scholarship continues into the future."
    - Amelia Winata
  • Suzannah Henty
    "The support of the Ursula Hoff Scholarship was a great show of faith in my interdisciplinary and cross-institutional research in contemporary art practices in Australia and Palestine. With this financial support, I was confident in pursuing my research knowing I had the support of the Faculty."
    - Suzannah Henty
  • Alice Clanachan
    "I am thrilled to be granted the opportunity to study in the British Museum Print Room and have access to the best print collection in the world. Many of my supervisors, colleagues and mentors are alumni of this scholarship and they cannot speak more highly of their experience at the British Museum. As an early-mid-career print curator, this scholarship will enable me to gain sustained insight into the history of Western printmaking and allow access to works I have been unable to see first-hand in Australian collections."
    - Alice Clanachan
  • Sophie McHugh
    "To have financial support for this subject allows me to continue to invest the majority of my time into my studies, which are of great importance to me. This will be my first opportunity to study overseas and I know that studying in Venice will be enriching both academically and culturally."
    - Sophie McHugh
  • Hannah Loney
    "This Fellowship will support the development of my PhD research for publication, including a book that I am co-editing, as well as a book chapter. It will enable me to focus on career development through publication and grant applications, while also providing me with much-needed financial support."
    - Hannah Loney
  • Nat Cutter
    "Thank you very much for your consideration and endorsement of my paper, 'Turks, Moors, Deys and Kingdoms: North African Diversity in English Periodical News before 1700'. This prize will be a great help in assisting the funding of my future research, including a trip to London, Canterbury and Glasgow in June 2019 to attend two conferences and undertake vital archival research."
    - Nathaniel Cutter
  • Bronwyn Anne Beech Jones
    "Learning and teaching history cultivates critical curiosity, humility and respectfulness. The Hansen Trust PhD Scholarship will allow me to continue and expand my work to promote and encourage history in Australia and Indonesia."
    - Bronwyn Anne Beech Jones
  • "Learning about Old Norse and modern Scandinavian languages in Australia, it had been hard for me to speak and listen to these languages in a natural environment. Having the opportunity to do this in Iceland was a highlight of my trip."
    - Jack Bunce
  • Billy Griffiths
    "It is an honour to awarded the 2019 Ernest Scott Prize for Deep Time Dreaming. This year’s shortlisted books display the richness, depth and diversity of histories about Australia and New Zealand. They also mark a growing awareness of, and respect for, First Nations peoples’ knowledge, histories and cultural expression. When we talk about the past 231 years of Australian history, we do so in the context of over 60,000 years of human experience on this continent. My book is about coming to terms with that deeper story."
    - Billy Griffiths
  • "As an Aboriginal author, I understand the enormous importance and influence of the Kate Challis (RAKA) Award. I believe it is the most prestigious national and international benchmark for the promotion of excellence in Aboriginal art. This is the reason that I feel both extremely humble and proud that my work was chosen this year for literature, and to know that my work can stand beside those of our most talented and highly recognised artists."
    - Alexis Wright
  • Niro Kandasamy
    "The Prue Torney Memorial Prize allowed me to undertake a research in Sri Lanka. The trip has strengthened my understanding of my research topic and has given me new historical insights into an understudied minority group in Asia and Australia."
    - Niro Kandasamy
  • Shari Kocher
    "Peter Steele’s legacy lives on. It is a privilege to be a part of this award, which honours Peter Steele’s abiding contribution to the vocation of poetry."
    - Shari Kocher
  • Michelle Stratemeyer
    "I hope that the research I undertake on my travels will yield important results, and be of interest not just to other academics, but also disseminated and applied in a real-world context."
    - Michelle Stratemeyer
  • Alexis Wright
    "As an Aboriginal author, I understand the enormous importance and influence of the Kate Challis (RAKA) Award. I believe it is the most prestigious national and international benchmark for the promotion of excellence in Aboriginal art. This is the reason that I feel both extremely humble and proud that my work was chosen this year for literature, and to know that my work can stand beside those of our most talented and highly recognised artists."
    - Alexis Wright
  • Deborah Zhang
    "The W. T. Mollison Scholarship has relieved a significant financial burden and enabled me to study abroad in Beijing, China. Learning Mandarin at one of China's top universities, whilst concurrently working in Australia-China relations and developing my 'Asia literacy' has granted me with an increasingly global perspective of education, and emphasised the importance of modern languages in facilitating open and effective communication."
    - Deborah Zhang
  • Sobur Dhieu
    "My personal ambition in life is to make a positive impact in my two homelands of Australia and war-torn South Sudan. I strongly believe that with the aid of this scholarship I will be able to inspire others, especially youth from my community."
    - Sobur Dhieu
  • Anne Axel
    "Knowing a range of languages is extremely important for many however my studies of Hebrew are more complex. I perceive Hebrew as a key component of my Jewish identity and therefore of who I am. With this award I hope to continue my studies of Hebrew as well continue discovering my Jewish identity. This award will allow me to travel to Israel where I will be able to continue developing my Hebrew skills both formally and informally."
    - Anne Axel
  • Iain McIntyre
    "This prize was a welcome validation of the thesis I produced with the support of my supervisors. I am currently seeking to have the thesis published as an academic book and the granting of the award will assist with the relevant applications. I am also in the process of developing an ARC linkage grant and other applications for early career research projects. The financial support and recognition the prize has offered me will also assist with these and is much appreciated."
    - Iain McIntyre
  • Samuel Ronfeldt
    "I'd like to thank everyone involved in the selection process for their generosity, and for the time and effort put into this scholarship. I am especially grateful to receive this scholarship in light of the man it honours, Colin McCormick, and his commitment to Italian study in Australia. Speaking to you all at the ceremony, I was truly interested in and fascinated by your stories of McCormick, his life, and his achievements in setting up the Melbourne University Italian department, in which I now find myself a student. I realise now that even without this scholarship, I should be grateful to the people that came before me and established the educational institutions I take for granted; I thank you also for this important reminder."
    - Samuel Ronfeldt
  • Steph Zindilis
    "This award has come as a very welcome surprise at the end of a memorable year. The completion of this thesis was both challenging and rewarding, while the experience as a whole has been essential to my growth as a scholar and my own personal development. Thus, I cannot truly begin to express how grateful I am to have my effort validated by such a distinction."
    - Stephanie Zindilis
  • Charlotte Choi
    "I am honoured and humbled to receive the J A Aird Memorial Prize in Public Policy and am thankful for the generosity of the Institute of Public Administration, Victoria. This award is significant because among other things, it will fund the creation of a current affairs project I am working on that is similar to Firing Line, where individuals debate public policy, politics and philosophy on television."
    - Charlotte Choi
  • Magenta Sheridan
    "I am surprised and humbled to be recognised for my work and to receive this prize. Being awarded this prize fuels my passion to strive to work in the arts and continue my study in Creative Writing. It has immeasurably improved my confidence in myself and my work. The prize will help me reach my goals and aid my transition from study into the creative industry. I would also like to thank the University of Melbourne which provided me with a fostering and inspiring environment in which I can think freely and express myself."
    - Magenta Sheridan
  • Julia Nordlinger
    "I am touched by the generosity and proud of my achievement. Going back to study a Masters Degree at a mature age was intimidating for me - and hard to juggle as a busy mother and social worker. I decided that the only way to cope with my fear was to give it my absolute "all". I studied very hard and threw myself into all aspects of learning. To be recognised by this scholarship feels immensely rewarding and makes the hard work feel worth it."
    - Julia Nordlinger
  • Romi Hill
    "I am honoured and delighted to receive the Appen Prize for Excellence in Linguistics. It truly means the world to me to have my efforts and passion rewarded so generously. The prize is particularly meaningful to me as it exemplifies the cross-disciplinary nature of linguistics - specifically language and technology. I am deeply grateful for having been awarded this prize on academic merit, but I am also appreciative of what the award stands for. This prize has consolidated my view that linguistics truly is a field with fundamental relevance to a diverse range of fields. It has not only cemented my confidence to pursue my passion in linguistics, it has also motivated me to explore the synergy between linguistics and technology."
    - Romi Hill
  • Isobel Lake
    "I was never one to win prizes or come top of the class at school, so being awarded the NGV prize never even crossed my mind as a potential outcome for my studies, and it was a wonderful surprise to receive. Studying Art History at the University of Melbourne has been such a wonderful and affirming experience. I have been able to fully delve into my love of art, and having lectures by such knowledgeable, and diverse scholars has opened my eyes to the future potentials that exist within the arts. Although I am not quite yet sure what I will do with the prize, it has provided me with the confidence to focus on my thesis with ever greater certainty of my abilities. What at first seemed to be an immense task, now seems to be another exciting opportunity. I am incredibly grateful for the prize, and I know I will remember the National Gallery of Victoria’s generosity for years to come."
    - Isobel Lake
  • Lauren Kelly
    "I am humbled and delighted to have been awarded the W. Macmahon Ball Prize in International Politics, which I will put toward further reading materials. I am a first-generation university graduate and it’s a real honour to be recognised by this award."
    - Lauren Kelly
  • Jacqueline Jordan
    "I am very proud to have been recognised for my efforts toward developing the field of heritage conservation. I know the award will support my further professional development, and look forward to contributing further to how stained glass artworks are preserved in Australia."
    - Jacqueline Jordan
  • Andrew Black
    "It is very pleasing to see that historical research into Australian History is being encouraged in this way. Throughout my time at university, I have commuted on a daily basis from Ballarat to Melbourne. The extra financial support provided by scholarships have been exceedingly helpful and has allowed me to continue my formal education while living in Regional Victoria."
    - Andrew Black
  • "In pursuit of international business, I quickly found myself deep in the Australian dairy industry and living in regional Australia. I am excited about the growth and prosperity for Australian agriculture in the Asian Century."
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  • Matilda Parsons
    "I am honoured to be awarded the Melbourne International Film Festival Screen Studies Prize and extremely grateful for the generous award of $1000 and MIFF 2019 Festival Passport. At present I am studying honours in Screen & Cultural Studies and the festival passport will provide me with an excellent opportunity to further develop my skills in film review and criticism at the Melbourne International Film Festival. I also hope to use the cash prize to assist in funding a short film I am currently developing."
    - Matilda Parsons
  • "I am passionate about the wider applications of drone, autonomous systems and robotic integration technologies to improve wider living standards for all Australians."
    Read Adrienne's story
  • "I'm a passionate advocate for equity in education and would like to be a part of greater reform to ensure that all young Australians have the same educational opportunities to reach their personal and academic potential."
    Read Sarah's story
  • "I have worked in Agriculture, Construction, Disability Care, Indigenous Affairs and the Not-for-Profit Sector. These grassroots experiences have led me to understand the enabling and inhibiting impacts that policies can have upon Australians, facilitating my desire to work at a macro policy-making level."
    Read Ashley's story
  • "I am passionate about equipping the next generation of Australian students with the skills they need to thrive in globalised workplaces by using digital technologies to foster understanding, dialogue and collaboration between Australian students and their peers in Asia."
    Read Katherine's story
  • "My life is devoted to creating disproportional positive impact on a regional, and global scale, to ultimately aid those who lack basic opportunities and support. I am in pursuit of culminating business and technology acumen in a world of many problems and solutions, that are perhaps not tackled in the most impactful order."
    Read Maxim's story
  • "I am an Australian lawyer, human rights advocate and policymaker. I am fascinated by the emerging fields of business and human rights, the impact of technology on human rights, and youth empowerment through education."
    Read Philip's story
  • "What inspired me to choose a career in the built environment was a single thought; that within my lifetime, I will witness firsthand the implications of not developing sustainable cities. I believe there must be a synthesis of positive community involvement through architecture with innovative sustainable design through engineering."
    Read Robert's story
  • "I am a clinical audiologist and researcher with a desire for continued learning. I have a passion for understanding more about the education of children with a hearing impairment."
    Read Michelle's story
  • Peter Katsakis standing in-front of a temple
    "With the use of this scholarship I strive to further deepen my connections in Japan and to increase the bilateral relationship that Australia has with this country. I hope that my knowledge of Japanese culture, language and society becomes an asset in my future aspirations. I wish to use the resources given to me by the New Colombo Plan to help achieve my goals of becoming a Japanese translator."
    - Peter Katsakis
  • Michael Josefsson
    "As a student of classics, it is extremely encouraging to receive an award and for the University and its supporters to recognise a field that is not often in the public eye. I was delighted to use this award to study overseas and work on the University's archaeological excavation in Rabati, Georgia."
    - Michael Josefsson
  • James Christensen
    "My year of research at the University of Melbourne was perhaps the most challenging of my life; I was extended academically, forced to challenge my assumptions and patterns of thought, and exposed to a complex world of theatre theory and practice. It took all of my heart, my mind and my passion to complete. To have the work acknowledged with this prestigious award means a great deal to me, and I am extremely grateful. As a result of my research, I was recently offered a place to study a Masters in Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London – one of the most highly regarded drama schools in the world. The funds provided by the Percival Serle award will go towards supporting me as I embark upon this next exciting, but financially daunting, stage in my career."
    - James Christensen
  • "The American Australian Association's Graduate Education Scholarship allowed me to study methods to explore the intersection of clinical medicine, health policy and economics under the guidance of the internationally renowned faculty at Cornell University. As a result, I am now able to pursue a research career funded through the highly-competitive National Institute of Health."
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  • "A Wellcome Trust Overseas Senior Research Fellowship in Biomedical Science supported me to build a group in the Department of Medicine, researching malaria in pregnancy. Additionally, I could continue my research collaboration with the Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust Laboratories. The Fellowship opened doors to other opportunities, including a leading role in the Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium, supported by the Gates Foundation, designing and running a clinical trial of malaria prevention in Papua New Guinea. My Malawi and Papua New Guinea links remain front and centre in my international malaria research collaborations."
    Read Prof. Stephen Rogerson's story
  • "The Gates Cambridge Scholarship has been immensely valuable for my professional development. Gates has funded my participation in the leading academic conferences in my discipline, which allowed me to receive feedback on my research and build relevant networks. Within Cambridge, Gates regularly offers lectures and workshops run by world experts on a wide range of topics, some of which are proposed by scholars themselves. The Gates network has also been a helpful source of internship, volunteering and employment opportunities. Gates encourages its scholars to create social impact with their academic work, and its media platform has been important in helping me reach a wider audience for my work."
    Read Sharmila Parmanand's story
  • "A Cambridge Australia Scholarship was my ticket to the mecca of wildlife conservation research – the David Attenborough Building at the University of Cambridge – where I’m now undertaking my PhD in Zoology. Every day I am surrounded by passionate and intelligent people who aren’t afraid to think seriously about our planet’s major challenges in one of the world’s oldest yet most vibrant academic communities."
    Read Phil Erm's story
  • "The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship represents a milestone in my career path. As a recipient of this prestigious fellowship, I have the opportunity to work in two world-class research groups led respectively by Prof. Frank Caruso at the University of Melbourne and Prof. Francesco Ricci at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The fellowship is enabling me to work with state-of-the-art technology, build long-lasting networks, experience and discover Australia, as well as strengthen my soft skills. For these reasons, I am proud of being a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow and Ambassador."
    Read Dr Alessia Amodio's story
  • "The Smithsonian Institution Postdoctoral Fellowship has enabled the continuation of my research into Earth's climatic evolution following the completion of my PhD at the University of Melbourne. This position has allowed me to establish and foster research relationships globally with leading experts whilst providing access to unparalleled collections with facilities to match. The Smithsonian Institution Postdoctoral Fellowship is both academically and socially fulfilling enabling me to undertake fieldwork worldwide and gain independent research insights to enhance my publication record whilst engaging in science outreach events with the wider community."
    - Dr Vera Korasidis
  • Catherine Gay
    "My Honours thesis enabled me to combine my love of material culture with women's and children's history. This award confirms in my mind that my research is important - that girls' lives deserve to be recorded and celebrated. The Jessie Mary Vasey Prize will be such a help financially this year, as I live out of home. It has encouraged me to pursue further study and given me faith in my academic research capabilities."
    - Catherine Gay
  • Michael Donato
    "Receiving this award is an honour and comes at a time where my passion for the Italian language and culture is at a high, and this award reaffirms to me that I am investing my time, energy and fervour into not just a language, but rather a community of compassion and connectedness."
    - Michael Donato
  • "My Postdoctoral Fellowship funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) enabled me to work at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) at the University of Melbourne for two years. I was able to conduct my own research study in addition to being part of a larger team working on a large-scale longitudinal study (E4Kids). My experience at the University of Melbourne led to several scientific publications, and I also meet friends and colleagues with whom I still collaborate. The fellowship was an important step in my scientific career."
    Read Prof. Dr. Frank Niklas's story
  • "The sustained 5-year funding of an ERC Starting Grant allowed me to embark on an ambitious, high-risk, high-reward programme of technique development and research into the mechanism of hydrogenases – bacterial enzymes that hold secrets for using hydrogen as a renewable fuel. I was awarded the Starting Grant in 2010, after a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Melbourne and 6 years of postdoctoral research at the University of Oxford. The methodologies and insights established during this project have underpinned my subsequent career journey, leading to substantial UK research funding and award of an ERC Consolidator Grant in 2018 to target new aspects of energy chemistry in biology. A patent-protected biotechnology innovation arose as a side-product of research on the ERC Starting Grant, attracting ERC Proof of Concept funding and a RSC Emerging Technology award, and is now on track to commercialisation."
    Read Prof. Kylie Vincent's story
  • "The Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellowship allowed me to undertake marine ecological research at Tohoku University. In addition to several successful research projects, this challenging and rewarding experience gave me an expanded international network, and enabled the continuation of my career as a marine scientist."
    Read Dr Jacqui Pocklington's story
  • "There is no way to overstate the impact that the John Monash Scholarship had on my life. It permitted me to undertake my Master of Fine Arts studies at the University of California, Los Angeles in the Interdisciplinary Studio program. During my time there I have had the opportunity to study with some of the leading visual artists practicing today including Mary Kelly, Barbara Kruger and Andrea Fraser. Being part of the community at UCLA has also enabled me to create incredible networks with peers and visiting professors that has inordinately furthered my career in the field of art, make the transition from lawyer to artist, and contribute to the growing field of legal aesthetics."
    Read Shevaun Wright's story
  • "The Branco Weiss fellowship provided me with the freedom and independence to focus intensively on my research for a prolonged period, a very rare prospect in most academic jobs. In particular, among the many benefits of this fellowship is the opportunity for mobility. I used the flexibility of this fellowship to develop my research program on seafood trade throughout the Asia-Pacific, spending extended stays in China and Malaysia to work with collaborators at Peking University and WorldFish. The support provided by the fellowship was crucial in allowing me to initiate and maintain such long-term collaborations."
    Read Dr Michael Fabinyi's story
  • "After graduating from the University of Melbourne, I received the BHP Australia China Scholarship for my postgraduate studies at Peking University. This scholarship supported me to deepen my understandings of contemporary China firsthand while undertaking coursework and defending a dissertation on the implications for Australia of Chinese aid donations to the Pacific Islands. The scholarship also connected me with a network of likeminded individuals within the Australia-China community with whom I have been able to learn from and challenge myself. Through the scholarship I was able to attend the Australian Studies conference held in Chengdu, an experience that connected me with prominent academics in the field. Overall, the scholarship has not only supported me financially, but allowed me to engage more deeply with the people and issues that will shape the future of Australia-China relations."
    Read Annabelle Jarrett's story
  • "Funding from the British Academy (jointly with the Royal Society through the “Newton International Fellowship”) provided invaluable support for my investigation of the combustion of second-generation liquid biofuels at the University of Cambridge. The stipend, travel and equipment funding enabled me to kick-start my independent research career and, as a consequence, I was hired by Rolls-Royce, where I led their Industrial Gas Turbine Research and Technology Team. The British Academy’s generous alumni program enabled me to maintain research collaboration with UK academics long into my career, leading to a patent on a novel low-emissions Gas Turbine combustor with Rolls-Royce and Cambridge."
    Read Dr Robert Gordon's story
  • "My primary research focuses on the use of brain stimulation (TMS, TES) and brain imaging techniques (fMRI, MRS, MEG) to understand cognitive control, attention and awareness in the human brain. In addition to my core research programme in cognitive neuroscience I also pursue interests in the relationship between science and the media, the role of science in shaping evidence-based public policy, and the promotion of open research practices. The David Phillips Fellowship greatly benefitted my research as it provided support to establish a research group. The fellowship provided a foundation upon which I was able to develop my research, for example by jointly establishing collaborative projects in research teams. These recent research-led initiatives identify causes of error in the translation of science to the news and will facilitate interaction between academia and politicians in the service of evidence-based policy."
    Read Prof. Chris Chambers's story
  • "A Commonwealth Scholarship gave me the opportunity to undertake a doctorate in modern history at Balliol College, Oxford from 1997 to 2001. My research focuses on the interpersonal networks that sustained Britain’s nineteenth-century empire, so studying at the University of Oxford meant joining a cosmopolitan community of postgraduate students and faculty working in the same field, while enjoying access to the archives and libraries that were central to my research. My first book, Colonial Connections 1815-1845, emerged from my doctoral research, as did a lectureship at the University of Sheffield, and then a position at Royal Holloway, University of London. The influence of the work I did in Oxford is still clear in my more recent work on settler colonialism, imperial governance, humanitarianism, and indigenous responses to empire. In 2018, I returned to the University of Melbourne to work in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies."
    Read Prof. Zoë Laidlaw's story
  • "The Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship allowed me to move to Munich for a post-doctoral position in which I characterised genome regulation in embryonic development. The Humboldt foundation also supported me in taking a German language course, and provided many opportunities to meet international researchers in their network throughout Germany."
    - Dr Natasha Jansz
  • "test"
    - Elissa Abou Eissa
  • "Volkswagen Foundation funding enabled my colleagues and me to develop fundamental new insights into the generation of patterns in biology (e.g. stripes and spot patterns on animals, or the development of digits and vertebrae in humans). I received funding through Volkswagen’s “Life?” initiative, and the review process was rigorous and typically involved a short outline application followed by a thorough sifting process (in our case 420 applications were reduced to 22 bids that were invited for full applications, of which 10 were funded). Applications, even at the full application stage, are much shorter than Australian researchers might be used to, and the interview, whilst robust and rigorous, was a stimulating affair as it was conducted by world-class and highly experienced domain experts and focused on the scientific and intellectual content of the proposal."
    Read Prof. Michael Stumpf's story
  • "The Rhodes Scholarship allowed me to pursue my interest in public policy and technology by studying a Master of Public Policy and MSc in Social Science of the Internet at the University of Oxford. My time at Oxford was extremely rewarding and empowering, on both a personal and professional level. In particular, it led to my involvement in various student initiatives to improve accessibility at the University of Oxford, to my founding of a tech startup empowering social inclusion for disabled people through better accessibility information, and to my growing professional interest in the related fields of tech for good and ethical AI. With the support of the Rhodes Scholarship, I have been able to pursue my passions and turn them into promising career pathways."
    Read Matt Pierri's story
  • "Imagine knowing you could make a difference to your community, while also knowing you didn’t have the skills to affect that difference. Then imagine winning a scholarship that allowed you to go attend a prestigious university and get intensive academic and personal mentoring that gave you not only the skills, but the confidence and ability to use them. This is my experience of the Roberta Sykes Award. It allowed me to attend Oxford University and gain a MSc in Evidence Based Social Intervention and then go to complete a research PhD at the National Centre of Indigenous Studies at ANU. Currently, I am the inaugural Professor of Indigenous Health at the School of Medicine at WSU as well as leading a research team at Maridulu Budyari Gumal, an organisation of 14 research institutions across Sydney. I know I have made a difference to Aboriginal health and education. I know it’s because of the Scholarship I received at the University of Melbourne, and the Roberta Sykes scholarship, that allowed me to attend Oxford University. I am forever grateful."
    Read Prof. Aunty Kerrie Doyle's story
  • "The AAUW’s International Fellowship enabled me to study a Master of Laws at Columbia University in New York. That degree was a springboard, helping me to secure work in law firms in New York and London where I was able to apply my studies in a practical context across a range of cases. Studying for the LLM in New York also instilled a love of learning, which led me to do a further Masters in Melbourne. All of that experience has helped me at the Bar, where I am able to “give back” through balancing pro bono work with other matters. I can’t stress the importance of the AAUW’s fellowship as a critical part of the foundation of my legal career."
    Read Rachel Amamoo's story
  • "Having been the first recipient of the Einstein Fellowship for interdisciplinary thinkers, I was encouraged by a committee member to apply for a post-doctoral position at the Princeton Society of Fellows. The fellowship was a comfortable way to get acquainted with the U.S. academic system, to which I had not previously been exposed. The colleagues I met during my time at Princeton have remained a constant source of inspiration for my work, and some became close friends."
    Read Dr Mischa Gabowitsch's story
  • "I cannot speak highly enough of the Charlie Perkins Scholarship. It changed my life. There were so many benefits from doing my D.Phil. in Population Health at the University of Oxford. It was home to the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for the Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases, and I spent my days working with some of the brightest minds in the world in my field of study. I could tap into a global network of alumni, as well as the conveyor belt of amazing guest speakers visiting Oxford. Two-thirds of graduates were also from abroad, so I became more worldly, and I returned to Australia more ambitious with my personal goals. What’s more, it was just so amazing to be another student, an “Aussie” studying abroad, there on my own merit, without anyone second-guessing my worth because of my Aboriginality. In community, it can sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders with all the expectation – not to mention community politics – and it was just so nourishing for my mind and soul to study abroad with such an incredible group of people. The Charlie Perkins Scholarship is one of the best things to happen in Indigenous Australian education in the last decade."
    Read Dr Kyle Turner's story
  • Danyelle Bailey
    "Aboriginal Women and Coloniality’ was an exceptional subject led by the knowledgeable and passionate course coordinator Di Sandars. The subject explored my interest of history and power within the public place and landscape, through championing black women and role models. I’ve began to understand how Aboriginal women as artists, musicians, writers and political figures are transcending colonial power structures to continue to shape the places around us within contemporary Australia. Thank you for your generosity and support of the subject. I had an incredibly fun, often confronting but always thought-provoking experience."
    - Danyelle Bailey
  • Thomas Devlin
    "I am grateful to be able to receive this prize. I come from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background, so this scholarship will go a long way in assisting me through my honours year, and in further helping me realise my academic goals. As well as making my living expenses easier, it also provides some opportunities to go further with my research if needed. This opens up a lot of opportunities for me. Taking the major has definitely helped me to consider non-western academic perspectives, and also to see the world in a more complex manner."
    - Thomas Devlin
  • Emma Murnane, Student, Master of Education
    "I don’t just enjoy it, I love it. I love the networking opportunities. I love meeting like-minded people and I love how the program supports our wonderful education system through current research."
    Read Emma's story
  • Josh Cubillo, Alumni, Master of Education
    "We need Indigenous students to keep taking up these opportunities to show there is still a need for the financial assistance as we endeavour to take up tertiary studies and improve the socio-economic status of Indigenous people in Australia."
    Read Josh's story
  • Jessica Berthelsen-Murray , Student, Master of Teaching
    "During my final years at Wonthaggi Secondary College our Literature teacher took us on a trip to partake in some classes at Melbourne University to assist with our final exams. I remember how much I loved the atmosphere and it was always a place at the back of my mind."
    Read Jessica's story
  • Sin Sin Ooi, Student, Master of Teaching
    "I hope that I can go back to my home country, Malaysia, to teach after I graduate, and hopefully I will contribute useful ideas to Malaysian schools (especially government schools) with the knowledge and experiences I have gained from this program."
    Read Sin Sin's story
  • Anastasia Betts, Student, Master of Teaching
    "As a young person at university, the demands of my caring role meant that I greatly missed out on a fair few leadership and volunteering opportunities that I was passionate about. Now, and with the financial support of the Jennifer Duggan Leaper Scholarship, I can take advantage of these opportunities."
    Read Anastasia's story
  • Sienna Ahn, Student, Master of Teaching
    "My advice would be, enjoy what you do and be involved with appropriate passion. In my case, it was being part of my community and actively looking out for those in need of care and support."
    Read Sienna's story
  • Cristina Guarrella, Student, Doctor of Philosophy (Education)
    "If your research or professional goals are aligned with the spirit of these scholarships, absolutely submit an application! Consider and clearly articulate how your use of the scholarship funding supports you to achieve your goals while contributing to the core values of the scholarship."
    Read Cristina's story
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