About our scholarships

We all come from different places

From the inner cities to the Kimberley, and from over 140 different countries, we all come together to call Melbourne home. With different passions and ambitions, some of us want to see beyond the stars, while others want to save what’s precious here on Earth. Some are inspired to create through art, while others are driven to succeed in sport.

That’s why we offer a large variety of scholarships to suit everyone’s interests and ambitions, because we all have a passion for changing what’s possible. Here’s how to get started.

Find the right scholarship

In your final year of high school and expecting a high ATAR? Make the most of it with a Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship. Or if you’re worried about your ATAR, check out Access Melbourne’s special entry places. If you want to live on campus but need financial support, our residential colleges award around $6.5 million in assistance each year. And if you’re relocating to Melbourne from outside Victoria, our Melbourne National Merit Scholarship offers $8000 to eligible students.

Build your resume

As you move through your course, from your first year to internships and throughout your PhD, you can win prizes for your achievements that will not only help you study, but also become an integral part of your CV.

Gain global experience

Our ‘Melbourne curriculum’ is structured for international flexibility, and we send over 1300 students abroad each year on semester, year or short-term intensive programs. Graduate students can seek funding for their research overseas, to engage in and publish research, or connect with colleagues at key conferences.

Access financial support

Bursaries are available to support different needs and can help ease the financial pressures of uni, from housing to buying textbooks, so you can focus on your studies. If you’re a school leaver seeking asylum in Australia, the Melbourne Humanitarian Access Scholarship is specifically designed to support you.

Wherever you are, whatever your passion, a Melbourne scholarship can help you turn ambition into achievement.

For complete listings of faculty-specific scholarships, please see individual faculty websites.