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  • Julia Nordlinger
    "I am touched by the generosity and proud of my achievement. Going back to study a Masters Degree at a mature age was intimidating for me - and hard to juggle as a busy mother and social worker. I decided that the only way to cope with my fear was to give it my absolute "all". I studied very hard and threw myself into all aspects of learning. To be recognised by this scholarship feels immensely rewarding and makes the hard work feel worth it."
    - Julia Nordlinger
  • "With the use of this scholarship I strive to further deepen my connections in Japan and to increase the bilateral relationship that Australia has with this country. I hope that my knowledge of Japanese culture, language and society becomes an asset in my future aspirations. I wish to use the resources given to me by the New Colombo Plan to help achieve my goals of becoming a Japanese translator."
    - Peter Katsakis
    Peter Katsakis standing in-front of a temple
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