Melbourne Mobility Awards

The University of Melbourne offers a suite of scholarships and grants for students undertaking overseas study as part of their undergraduate or graduate coursework course. Some scholarships are awarded on academic merit and others to assist students who are experiencing disadvantaged circumstances.

Applications open

1 Jan 2019

Last day for applications

31 Dec 2020
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Application type

Application required
How to apply

Benefit type

Single payment
Full benefit details

Citizenship requirements

Australian / domestic student
International student

Total value

up to $6,000

Applicable study areas

All study areas

Number of scholarships awarded

Approximately 2000

  • Eligibility & selection criteria


    To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to:

    • be enrolled at the University of Melbourne in either an undergraduate degree or a graduate coursework degree
    • intend to study overseas as part of a University of Melbourne Exchange or Fee-paying program or a University of Melbourne subject with an overseas component that will be credited towards your University of Melbourne degree
    • apply for a Melbourne Mobility Award before commencement of the overseas study program
    • have not received a Melbourne Mobility Award for overseas study that was part of your current course
    • have not received a New Colombo Plan Grant for the same overseas program
    • have not received a New Colombo Plan Grant or Endeavour Student Exchange Program funding that was part of your current course (applies to Lin Martin Global Scholarship only)

    Selection criteria

    The Melbourne Mobility Awards are awarded for the specific purpose of the scholarship.

    Selection of merit scholarships are based on academic achievement using the University's Weighted Average Mark (WAM). You must have results for your current course at the time of application and have achieved a WAM of 75 or above. Where the number of candidates exceeds the number of scholarships available, the scholarships will be awarded to students with the highest WAM.

    Selection of access scholarships are based on demonstrated social, educational and financial disadvantage.

    Chancellor's Scholars, Kwong Lee Dow Scholars, Commerce Achievement Scholarship recipients and students who entered the University between 2010- 2016 with an ATAR of at least 98 are guaranteed one Melbourne Global Scholars Award in their undergraduate degree. If this applies to you, you must submit a Melbourne Mobility Award application form before you commence your overseas study program.


    • You must receive permission and enrol in the your overseas study program.
    • If your overseas study program is postponed or cancelled by any party after you have received the award payment, you must contact Stop 1 immediately. You may be required to return the payment.
    • You agree to participate in any ambassadorship activities as requested by the University of Melbourne which include the University's Global Mobility blog and other social media channels, events and student showcases.
    • You give permission for the University to provide your name and course details to the donor of your Melbourne Mobility Award and you must provide a Scholarship report within two weeks of completing your overseas study program which may be made available to the donor of the scholarship.
    • By accepting an offer for a Melbourne Mobility Award, you will not be eligible for a future award as part of your current degree.
  • Application process

    You must apply for the Melbourne Mobility Awards by completing the online application form before you depart Australia.

    If you wish to apply for a scholarship on the basis of financial disadvantage, personal difficulties or disability or medical condition, you will be asked to provide supporting documents such as a Centrelink statement or medical certificates as part of the online application.

    In completing an application for a Melbourne Mobility Award, you will be considered for all Melbourne Mobility Awards for which you are eligible. You do not need to apply for individual awards.

    Only complete applications will be considered.

    If your application for a Melbourne Mobility Award is unsuccessful, you can apply again if you have not already commenced your overseas study program. The same eligibility and selection criteria will apply, so you should only re-apply if your circumstances have changed (for example, your WAM has increased or you have started receiving Centrelink benefits).

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  • When will I know the outcome?

    Scholarships are awarded on a monthly basis. You should receive an outcome by email within 6 weeks of submitting your completed Melbourne Mobility Award application form.

    The Melbourne Mobility Awards are only paid after you have received approval from the University of Melbourne for credit for the overseas program and you are enrolled in University of Melbourne subject(s) for which the Scholarship was awarded. This will be exchange or study abroad placeholder subjects or a University of Melbourne overseas subject.

  • Variations of this scholarship

    Merit scholarships

    Melbourne Global Scholars Award

    This scholarship is available to high achieving students.

    USA Foundation Travelling Scholarships

    Established with a donation from the USA Education, Teaching and Training Foundation, these scholarships are available to students intending to undertake study in the United States of America.

    Access scholarships

    Melbourne Global Financial Assistance Grant

    This grant is available to students who are experiencing financial hardship.

    John and Betty McCreery Travelling Scholarship

    This scholarship was established with a donation from Mrs V.M. (Betty) McCreery and is available to students experiencing financial hardship who are enrolled in the Faculty of Science or the Melbourne Medical School.

    Lin Martin Melbourne Global Scholarship

    This scholarship is supported by the Commonwealth Government Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program and is available to undergraduate students enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) who are experiencing social, medical or financial disadvantage.

    University House Travel Scholarship

    This scholarship was established with a donation from University House, the staff and alumni club of the University of Melbourne, and is available to undergraduate students experiencing financial hardship.

    Aitchison Travelling Scholarship

    This scholarship was established in 1994 with a bequest from David Aitchison and is available to undergraduate students experiencing financial hardship.

What are the benefits?

The Melbourne Global Scholars Award and USA Foundation Scholarship provides a one-off payment of:

  • $1,000 for students undertaking overseas study for at least 3 weeks and up to 12 weeks, or
  • $2,500 for students undertaking overseas study for 12 weeks or more

The Melbourne Global Financial Assistance Grant, John and Betty McCreery Travelling/ Study Scholarship and Lin Martin Melbourne Global Scholarship provides a one-off payment of up to $5,000.

The University House Travel Scholarship and Aitchison Travelling Scholarship provide a one-off payment of up to $5,000.

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