What happens after you apply

Eligibility and selection

Each scholarship, bursary and prize has specific eligibility requirements which must be met by students. Once a pool of eligible students has been established, they are assessed, scored and ranked based on the information provided as part of their course or scholarship application and the selection criteria of the scholarship, bursary or prize.

For undergraduate and graduate coursework scholarships, students are usually assessed and ranked according to their academic achievements for prior study or recognised disadvantaged circumstances.

Graduate research scholarships may have additional criteria, such as a list of awards, distinctions and publications.

Prizes are awarded based on academic, artistic or technical performance and all eligible students are ranked based on marks achieved for the subject, project or other assessment task, such as an essay or a performance.

Who assesses the applications?

Scholarships, bursaries and prizes that require an application form are usually assessed by a selection panel of academic or professional members of staff of the University.

Offers and acceptance

After selection has been completed, successful students will be notified of the outcome via email to their University account. The offer will include the details about the scholarship, bursary or prize, including the benefits and conditions.

Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions that apply and make sure to accept the offer before the lapse date specified in the offer letter.

Unsuccessful applications

Students who were automatically considered for a scholarship or prize are usually not notified that they were unsuccessful.

If you were required to submit an application, you will be notified of the outcome.

Benefits and conditions

Scholarships, bursaries and prizes are subject to conditions that state when you can receive the benefits or when they are suspended or stopped.

Before you can receive the benefits, you must accept the offer, be enrolled in your course, and, if required, provide the University with the details of your Australian bank account.

  • One-off payments are paid either when you start your course, such as a relocation or establishment allowance, or after the main semester census dates.
  • Regular payments are scheduled after each main semester census date, or made every fortnight, as in the case of a stipend for research students.
  • Tuition fee sponsorships are applied automatically when you enrol in subjects and will show as a partial or full sponsorship on your tuition fee account.
  • Prizes normally provide a one-off payment or a non-financial benefit, such as a medal or certificate.

Donor funding and feedback

Many of the scholarships, bursaries or prizes offered are funded by generous donations to the University. Donors are eager to hear how the funding that they have provided has benefitted students in achieving their study aspirations.

A donor-funded scholarship, bursary or prize usually has a condition that students must provide feedback on the impact of the funding on their study goals.

Feedback from students is extremely important as this helps to identify where the most positive impact has been made, which helps prioritise future funding.

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