Finding the right opportunity

Our scholarships website provides a comprehensive list of more than 1200 scholarships, prizes and bursaries. Use the search page to find the opportunities that you may be eligible for. You can search by keyword or title, or use filters to narrow down the search results to opportunities that best fit your situation.

The available filters include:

  • Student type – shows opportunities for domestic or international students
  • Study stage – shows scholarships for your future study, or bursaries and prizes available during your current study
  • Study level – shows opportunities for undergraduate, graduate coursework or graduate research study
  • Study areas – select one or more options for future study, or the field of study or research of your current studies

Understanding the different application types on the search page

  • Open for applications – opportunities that require an application and are open now
  • Open for automatic consideration – opportunities that you will be automatically considered for if you meet the eligibility requirements. You do not need to submit an application for these
  • Opening soon – opportunities that will be opening in the next six months for applications or automatic consideration
  • Not open yet – opportunities that are opening in more than six months time, for applications or automatic consideration

Check eligibility and application

Every scholarship, bursary or prize page includes critical information including application status, open and close dates, if it is available to domestic and/or international students, duration, study level and the benefit value if applicable.

You should review the eligibility and selection criteria, how to apply, and the open and closing dates.

Multiple scholarships, prizes and bursaries

You can be considered or apply for more than one scholarship, bursary or prize.

However, during selection processes it may be taken into account any other scholarships, bursaries or prizes that students are receiving to avoid students receiving more than one for the same purpose. If this is the case, you will receive the most beneficial one.