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What is the Melbourne Principals' Scholarship?

The Melbourne Principals' Scholarship is a new opportunity for students who are undertaking their final year of Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or International Baccalaureate at a school in Victoria. This one-off allowance of $5000 is aimed at attracting talented students with a strong record of academic performance and contribution to their school or the wider community.

This scholarship complements other scholarships offered by the University, such as the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship for high achieving students, and the Melbourne Access Scholarship for students who are experiencing disadvantaged circumstances.

How does selection for this scholarship work?

Schools (including schools with multiple campuses) are invited to nominate one student, undertaking their final year of VCE or IB, for the 2021 Melbourne Principals' Scholarship. The student must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen who intends to study at the University following completion of their VCE or IB.

The School should consider potential candidates for the following:

  1. Academic achievement
    The student should have an excellent academic record based on their results to date and the likelihood of achieving a first-class ATAR result that will meet the minimum ATAR for a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree (including Graduate Degree Packages and Access Melbourne).
  2. Engagement
    The student should have a good record of contribution to the School or wider community. This record can consist of sustained performance in sport, fine arts or music, or involvement and leadership in services to the community, fund raising projects, or volunteer opportunities.

Principals should nominate one student (out of all the campuses, if applicable). They can use their discretion to assess academic merit and community contribution, and nominate the student that best meets these criteria.

To nominate a student, the School must complete a short online form and include two statements (300 - 500 words each) to address the two areas of achievement. The link for the nomination form has been sent to participating schools via email.

When does the nomination form open?

Victorian schools were contacted by email with a link to the nomination form in June. If your school submitted an application last year but did not receive a nomination email this year, please reach out to us at the contact information below.

When do nominations need to be submitted?

Nominations close on 31 October 2021.

When will the student be notified of the outcome?

Students will receive notification of their nomination from September 2021.

What are the conditions of the scholarship?

The scholarship is conditional on the student receiving a course offer for an undergraduate degree (including a Graduate Degree Package) at the University of Melbourne and commencing their course in the year following completion of VCE or IB. The scholarship can be deferred to the following academic year.

Further queries

If you have any further queries, please contact Melbourne Scholarships via email:

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